Break That Press

Real teamwork wins the game for the Hawks.

Fairy-Tale Housecleaners

An ambitious girl finds a job--and fantastic adventure!

Finding Prince Deming

Wise man helps king discover the true prince/successor to throne.

Fourth and Goal

Brian adds a new twist to an old football play--and his team wins the game.

Invention Number Three

Ferguson proves that his creative contraptions are really useful.

Jose's Good Luck

Jose learns that teamwork is important in soccer and in family life.

Macaroni and Fleas

This girl solves the mystery of the missing macaroni

"Michael Spreckel! Where Have You Been?"

Michael went into a cave to get some moss and stalactite drippings for his jungle journal . . . and that was just the beginning!

Now That's Interesting

Jimmy's selection of something to share with the class turns out to be the most interesting of all.

Rory's Funny Story

Rory thinks nothing funny ever happens to him until he tells the class about his weekend.

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