A Chilling Thrill

How can the school ski trip be fun if Carly has no friends?

Albert's Emergency Earthquake Plan

Albert finally puts his safety-planning skills to work.

Alexander's Astounding World Feat

Alexander amasses the world's largest business card collection and makes it into The Astounding Book of World Feats...but then doesn't know how to get rid of the million-plus...

Bear and Max

The story begins by introducing Bear a cat who spends the evenings with Rusty and Robbie and Max a cat that visits Sheila every day. When Bear goes missing Sheila figures out what...

Break That Press

Real teamwork wins the game for the Hawks.

Catch of the Day

Ethan helps rescue a friend from the rapids.

Citizen Carmen

Carmen dreads reading in class because her English is not perfect.

Fairy-Tale Housecleaners

An ambitious girl finds a job--and fantastic adventure!

The Famous Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Get a close look at these tiny "famous" frogs from the rain forest.

The Giant in the Forest

This fun sculpture greets tourists at a garden in the United Kingdom.

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