The True Reward

Bold's request is granted because he puts others' needs first.

The Winning Recipe

Aunt May and the unnamed narrator attempt to bake a cake for a cake contest but they wind up talking themselves into eating it themselves.

Stuck by Luck

When a boy's lucky rabbit foot drops into a vase on display in an art gallery he's left attached to the vase during the auction.

The Chore Chain

Everyone in Maddie's neighborhood gets a chance to do a favorite chore--for someone else!

Balancing Rocks

Sepp Boegle, a German man, creates amazing artwork by balancing rocks.

Map for Columbus, the Traveling Bear

Article about a black bear named Columbus who traveled more than 10 miles amongst people in Washington state before being captured and moved to the wild.

Discovering a New Galaxy

Learn about astronomers who made an important discovery.

Dogs at Work

Dogs have many ways to show that they are "man's best friend."

Exploding Stars Turn Red

Astronomers observe the formation of a red nova which occurs when two stars merge and explode.

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