Squirrels That Smells Like Snakes

Dr. Barbara Clucas discovered that some squirrels take snakeskin baths to protect themselves.

The Mixed-up Fish Dance

Marisa tries to play a different role in the annual dance.

Building a Better Shortcut

Ben learns how a cruise ship passes through the Panama Canal using a water elevator called a lock.

Acorn by Acorn

Scientists study the activities of blue jays realizing that the birds help our planet by planting oak trees.

From Pit to Pond

See how a backyard hole becomes a beautiful home for many little creeatures.

How Lobsters Make Music

Spiny lobsters frighten predators by making sounds like a violin.

New Windors on Our Minds

New machines can tell us how the brain works.

Weather Signs and Rhymes

Learn how rhymes can help you tell signs of the weather.

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