Break That Press

Real teamwork wins the game for the Hawks.

"Michael Spreckel! Where Have You Been?"

Michael went into a cave to get some moss and stalactite drippings for his jungle journal . . . and that was just the beginning!

Rory's Funny Story

Rory thinks nothing funny ever happens to him until he tells the class about his weekend.

Sweetened Condensed Milk

A delicious treat reminds Ishmael of a special place.

Flying Solo

Personal account of the author's first solo flight at age 16. She's been a pilot and flight instructor for the past two decades.

Jumping Spiders

These spiders don't wait in a web to trap food; they hunt for prey and pounce on it--sometimes leaping twenty times their own body length.

The Mysterious "Otter Cat"

Dr. John E. Becker had a rare site of a Jaguarundi, a wild cat of Central America

Now That's Interesting

Jimmy's selection of something to share with the class turns out to be the most interesting of all.

Tin Can Summer

Maggie spends the summer in a trailer eating from tin cans with her loving wacky grandma.

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