Talent Night

Benjamin's skill helps make Talent Night a success.

The Mystery of the Magic Lunch Bag

Sheila's lunch bag may not change sandwiches into lunchtime favorites but it helps her find a new friend.

The Tarantulas of Pie Town

Jennifer is accepted by the other ranch hands when she reacts well to a practical joke.

The Tortoise the Hare and the Penguin

In a race to the lighthouse three friends discover how all of them can be winners.

Walking for My Life

A wrecked truck and a forced hike across the desert give Jennifer the chance to appreciate the beauty of the wild.

All Together Now Fireflies!

Dr. Jonathan Copeland studies synchronous fireflies.

Big Bugs

See the work of an artist who makes giant sculptures of some of the world's smallest creatures.

Bird's Nest Safari

Learn how different birds make their nests.

Blind Ambition

Find out how this blind skier zips down the mountain.

Born to Run

Get on track with this popular sport.

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