Robots in Space

Robots help us understand our universe. Some fly to distant planets. Others work alongside astronauts in space. And some drive across the surface of Mars. How do these robots...


If a classmate sends threatening e-mails to you, do you know what to do? Don’t worry if you don’t. This book is here to help! Learn tech-savvy ways to keep bullies out of your...

Using Digital Technology

Digital technology can sometimes be overwhelming. Find out what computers are used for. Learn how to store information, search online, play games, and more.

John Deere's Powerful Idea The Perfect Plow

Have you ever seen a John Deere tractor? John Deere’s farm equipment brand is famous around the world, but it wasn’t an easy path to turn his ideas into reality. Readers will...

Mighty Military Robots

This book provides young readers with exciting information on the most modern U.S. military robots.

Power Plays The Next 100 Years of Energy

Futurologist Luna Lee presents possibilities for the future of energy in the next 100 years.

Harness It Invent New Ways to Harness Energy and Nature

You can control the power of energy with your own two hands. In Harness It, you’ll invent a penny battery, a solar cooker, a trip wire, and many other energy harnessing...


Simple text and bright photographs explain the concept of forces for beginning readers. The book concludes with a simple, kid-friendly activity.

Busting Boredom with Technology

Feeling tech-savvy? Get ready to bust boredom with technology! Learn how to put together a digital photo album, create a blog, produce a stop-motion movie, and much more. With...

Lunar Probes

Did you know that more than 70 probes have been sent to the moon in the past 50 years? Their missions have included orbiting the moon to take pictures and gathering samples of...

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