Mariano Rivera

In 2013, New York Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera announced he would retire after playing 19 seasons in the major leagues. Recruited in 1990 at the age of twenty, Mariano...

The Water Princess

A young girl dreams of bringing clean drinking water to her African village. As a child in Burkina Faso, Georgie and the other girls in her village had to walk for miles each day...

David Karp The Mastermind Behind Tumblr

What's more popular than Tumblr? This microblogging site has taken the Web by storm since its founding in 2007. Not much can top it when it comes to capturing its fans'...

Abraham Lincoln

Born in a cabin deep in the backwoods of Kentucky and growing up in a family considered the poorest of the poor, Abraham Lincoln rose to become the sixteenth president of the...

The President, Vice President, and Cabinet A Look at the Executive Branch

What is the executive branch? It's the part of government that's led by our president. But who else is part of the executive branch? And just what does this branch do? Read this...

Wallace "Famous" Amos

Explore the life and achievements of Wallace Amos, entrepreneur and founder of Famous Amos cookies.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is a standout NFL quarterback. Learn about his childhood and his rise to becoming a football superstar.

Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie is a standout golfer. Learn about her childhood and her rise to becoming a golf superstar.

George W. Bush

George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States. Learn about his childhood, his education, and his leadership after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Hector P. Garcia

Engaging text, authentic photographs, and a timeline illustrate the life of civil rights leaders Hector P. Garcia.

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