Loose Tooth

Text, photographs, and diagrams present information about having a loose tooth, including how they feel and how to take care of all teeth properly.

The Courage to Compete Living With Cerebral Palsy and Following My Dreams

A remarkable memoir by Miss Iowa USA Abbey Curran about living with cerebral palsy, competing in Miss USA, and her inspiring work with young women who have disabilities.Abbey...

Granos en MiPlato/Grains on MyPlate

Grains are hearty, wholesome, and healthy. Learn about how MyPlate helps kids make great food choices every day, including grains!

Be Aware! My Tips for Personal Safety

Sophie is on a mission. You can call her Agent S. Like any good spy, Sophie knows how to be safe. She helps her brother stay away from danger too. They watch for speeding cars....

Top Soccer Tips

Do you dream of scoring a goal? Or do you dream of guarding a goal? Either way, inside are all the tips needed to become a star on the soccer field.

What You Need to Know about Head Lice

Everything a young reader needs to know about head lice: what it is, how it happens, what the symptoms are, and how it is treated. The text also presents real-life stories of kids...

Proteínas en MiPlato/Protein on MyPlate

Protein is tasty, hearty, and healthy. Learn about how MyPlate helps kids make great food choices every day, including protein!

Why We Eat Fruits

From apples and grapes to pears and bananas, learn about the wonderful things fruits can do for your body! Carefully leveled text and colorful photographs teach early readers...

Make Good Choices Your Guide to Making Healthy Decisions

Every day were faced with choices. Skip breakfast or grab something on the run? Study for that test now, or wait until the last minute? Some choices are harder than others,...

Bike Safety A Crash Course

From hand signals to fitting your gear just right, this book will help you pedal on safely. Be a smart rider and get the facts on bike safety.

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