In All Directions

Explores the different ways people and objects can move.


This book explores the concept of air, and why living things – i.e., animals, humans and plants – need it.

Nearest to the Sun The Planet Mercury

Mercury is the smallest planet, but it has the biggest craters, the biggest temperature swings, and the biggest sunrises in the solar system. Explore the planet's many wonders in...


Describing different types of leaves, this nature walk guide shows very young readers how to identify common types of leaves.

Zap! It's Electricity!

Intermediate readers explore electricity in Zap! It's Electricity! by Buffy Silverman.

Plant And Prune

Plant and Prune by Patty Whitehouse identifies simple tools and properties of nature.

Discover Cutting-Edge Medicine

Every year, doctors and medical researchers make incredible breakthroughs in human medicine. Did you know some are finding ways to build organs in laboratories? Or that others are...

The Attractive Truth about Magnetism

A bat walked into a magnetic field and stuck. Get it?  If you don’t get this joke, you need this book! It’ll teach you everything you need to know about what makes magnets...

Rosie the Ribeter The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calavaras County

Who holds the world record triple jump record — for bullfrogs?Rosie, the Ribeter.She set the record in May 1986 at 21 feet 5 3/4 inches.Her record has stood for over 30...

Coldest Places on the Planet

Read what it's like to live in a very cold place. In this book, you'll visit cities with very cold weather and learn why the temperatures dip so low.

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