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Can you remember a more transformative decade in Spartanburg than the one we're bidding farewell to in 2019? We certainly can't. In fact, even trying to list the changes seen since 2010 quickly devolves into a spiral of "what did I leave out?" doubt. From the hundreds of millions invested in Downtown Spartanburg, to the combined public, private, and nonprofit efforts on our city's Northside, the city we had a decade ago was in an enormously different place from the one we call home today. It's with that tremendous change in mind that we're launching a new project in January that will encourage locals to answer one question: What, to you, was the most transformative in Spartanburg over the last decade? Over the coming weeks, we're going to be presenting and curating those answers on our website and social media accounts from local leaders and residents, highlighting your experiences of Spartanburg in these past 10 years through video, podcasts, written pieces, and posts using the #Spartanburg2020 hashtag.