Unconcluded: Jennifer Kesse

33: Not the Keyes



A serial killer has long been considered a possible suspect in Jennifer Kesse's abduction. What connections can be made? Thanks to Josh Hallmark ([Host of the Karen and Ellen Letters, Our Americana and PLAYLIST](http://www.our-americana.com)) for sharing what he's learned and researched over the last few years. Be sure to follow the social media accounts for his upcoming podcast [True Crime BS](http://www.truecrimebullshit.com/). [@TrueCrimeBS](https://twitter.com/TrueCrimeBS) Sponsors in this Episode: [Female Criminals](https://www.parcast.com/criminals/) Facebook: [@unconcludedpod](https://www.facebook.com/Unconcludedpod/) Twitter: [@unconcludedpod](https://twitter.com/unconcludedpod) Instagram: [@unconcludedpod](https://www.instagram.com/unconcludedpod/?hl=en) Web: [http://unconcluded.com](http://unconcluded.com) Email: [unconcludedpod@gmail.com](mailto:unconcludedpod@gmail.com) Support on [Patreon](https://www.patreon.com/unconcludedpod) Music by PCIII / [CC BY NC](http://creati