Sherri Jefferson

BULLYING CAN END IN SUICIDE: Back to School Series 7



BULLYING: INFORMATION FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN, DO YOU KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS? THE EFFECTS OF BULLYING AND SO MUCH MORE. We will discuss the role of the school and other issues involving bullying. Parents and Children -- Know your legal rights. GUEST, PROFESSOR MICHAEL FOLEY. Professor Michael Foley to disuss bullying and what parents can do. Professor Foley is the Founder of H2HCTC. He has also trained children and members of the National Guard and military in Iraq. 11-yr old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover who committed suicide. The recent suicide death of Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover raises troubling questions about the incidence of bullying in our schools and other places where children interact. Earlier this month Walker-Hoover, an 11-year-old African-American boy from Springfield, MA, took his own life, in response to the bullying he endured everyday at school. According to reports, Walker-Hoover was repeatedly taunted for “being gay.” The next two months we will have