Sherri Jefferson

Keisha Knight – Pulliam and Ed Hartwell: A Husband’s Right to Know



The Importance of Paternity Testing in Marriage This episode will not address any of the purported personal issues between The Hartwell family.  In fact, we are hoping for a favorable resolution for both parties.  My office has not and does not have any personal or professional information concerning their marriage or divorce proceedings. Rather, as the founder of the African American Juvenile Justice Project and our “Father’s Right to Know” program, it is important for us to address the legal issues that plague men in America regarding establishing paternity and the legal consequences of failing to do so. To that end, this episode will highlight: Mr. Ed Hartwell request for a paternity test through a divorce proceeding.The Michael Jordan and Pamela Y. Smith paternity case and its application to issues raised in the Hartwell divorce as well as implications of the New York case: In the matter of Shondel J. v Mark DProvide guidance for husbands and wives in this sensitive area that would prevent divorce bein