Sherri Jefferson

AIG, Peter Hancock, CMI, Max Koonce Violate RICO laws with Greenberg & Traurig?



Is Peter D. Hancock, CEO of AIG, Martha Gallo, Robert Schimek, Jeffrey Hurd, and Thomas Russo, AIG’s Legal Counsel now claiming that they had no knowledge that CMI - Claims Management is a subsidiary of Walmart?  Are these AIG executives claiming that they were unaware that CMI is not an “independent” third party administrator due to its relationship with Walmart and in violation of federal third party administrator guidelines AIG has authorized CMI to administer Walmart claims for general liability and worker’s compensation. Cozen OConnor and Greenberg & Traurig still are enaged in fraud and RICO violations. AIG has been engaged in fraudulent activities for decades and the recent decision to subject Maurice R. Greenberg to criminal prosecution and civil trial for fraud is an example of the criminal and unethical practices of AIG.  This episode will examine the role of AIG in furtherance of the criminality of its staff and agents as well as in concert with companies like CMI and Walmart. This episode w