Run fast and run far, unless you're fearless. Unless you're courageous. I'm not, but I'd like to be.Pearl Jaeger is seventeen and homeless after drugs, poverty, and addiction...

Seriously, Norman!

Why, why are grown-ups so insane?That’s exactly the question that Norman, Anna and Emma (the twins), and I, Leonard, try to answer. And with the help of Norman’s new tutor,...

Norman Rosenberg

A middle age guy, who likes to run, live life well, and experience joy

Crossover Norman

A weekly worship experience on the campus of The University of Oklahoma.


Tutti vogliono disfarsi di Norman, ma lui è più furbo e continua a tornare.Norman è un ragazzino terribile, conosciuto ovunque per il suo strano comportamento. I poveri...

The Pearl

When Lord Arthur Godwick learns his younger brother is up to his bollocks in debt to Regan Ferry, owner of The Pearl Hotel, he agrees to work off the tab . . . in her bed. Soon...

Purcellville Pearls

Purcellville Pearls provides a variety of streaming Christian sermons, uplifting messages, Q&A, and food for thought.

Matched Pearls

Constance is used to getting what she wants. But when she finally meets a man she can’t control, her self-centered life is turned upside down!

Roberta's Pearls

Advice from someone who knows... a comedic post cast chocked full of wisdom from a woman who has been around the block a time or two.

Pearl Cove

Surrounded by potential enemies, Hannah McGarry faces the mystery of her husband's suspicious death, the prospect of bankruptcy ... and the disappearance of the fabulous Black...

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