Donnas World Online

DonnasWorldOnline is an exciting online radio show hosted by Donna Briggs which features different topics from fashion, entertainment business and to politics everyday

Donnas Inner Mind

Hi! Welcome to my podcast! My name is Donna, and Im 13. I talk about most of my life, I give support, and talk about the most popular thing on the internet. Podcasts starts every...

Learn German

Learning German Made Easy...Anyone looking to break the monolingual mold which so many native English speakers find themselves enclosed in will invariably find this book to be...

Donna Paola

Donna Paola è una raccolta di tre novelle che prende il nome dal titolo dalla prima di esse. Questa ha per tema un amore reso impossibile dalla sacralità del vincolo...

Donna Paola

"Fulvio s’inchinò, prese dalla mano di Paola il gelato che ella, sorridendo dolcissimamente, gli porgeva, e le disse, guardandola negli occhi:— Vi...

German Lingq

Learn German from interesting and authentic content

German Island

Easy German audio files for student learners - with accompanying full texts

German - Survivalphrases

A Little Bit of Language Can Go Such a Long Way!

Thriving With Donna Devane

We offer insights, tips & real life experiences to encourage & inspire you on your path. We discuss intuition, dreams, numerology, healing, awakening & conscious creating.

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