Creating Effective Flow and Collaboration in Your Life

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Working in collaboration with others takes skill and attention: often it will include changing our mindset. One of the most effective ways of moving with ease in all your life’s endeavors, whether it is a solitary path or it is in collaboration with others, is to learn how to read the energetic clues in both yourself and others. This can apply to working in teams with people or being in a committed relationship. In this dialogue we explore the perils and pitfalls of partnering as well as how to improve our skills to help our partnerships thrive. Cathy and Gary Hawk talk about many states of consciousness that may seem in the moment quite negative. However, when we expand our view by calling on a positive feeling such as curiosity, often we can creatively turn what stops us toward new possibilities. Cathy gives advice on how to turn confusion into something positive. She says, “It’s normal to get stuck. So go back and be as creative as you can be . . . I think one way to go through confusion is to go to excitement and ask the question, ‘what would excite me?’” They propose that we are the directors of our own play and as directors we can choose where to point our attention and focus in order to be effective and get the results we are looking for in our life. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)