A Crisis of Truth And Meaning, Recovering Soul In Times Of Change

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Through the art of storytelling, Meade shares: “The key aspect of soul is its depth. . . . It is the descending, the deepening part . . It’s the roots going further down as opposed to up towards the heavens . . .Soul goes towards diversity and multiplicity like the roots of a forest or the secretly connected life of trees. Soul is the connective tissue of life.” He goes on to describe that humankind has always experienced opposition, but in these days that opposition has left empty the middle way, where imagination should be. He suggests by the telling of the story of “The Golden Repair” that we can heal the multiple cracks in the world by finding our own gifts, our own ways to work meaningfully in the world, and then consider pouring our gold into the cracks of the world. He describes these days in which we are living as the “time of impossible tasks” and says, “We have to tap into the deep understanding of the human soul, one image of which is the wise elder. Not the older, but the elder who is refusing to die in a way that isn’t meaningful. As soon as the elders awaken they’re naturally connected to the youth who are looking for the great dream and the imagination of the future.” This deep dialogue is rich with metaphors that bring a sharp focus to imaginative healing possibilities for these threshold times. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)