Reclaiming Our Time and Moving Away from Busy Behavior

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Busyness is not just a behavior; it’s an attitude that claims ownership of our time. Moving away from busy behavior takes more than just solutions. It requires us to discover the motivation underneath our behavior. As we understand what’s driving us we’ll be better able to make changes and reclaim our time and not allow “busy” to set the pace of our life. Here we explore how we may reclaim our days from the hurried frenzy of getting it all done with effective solutions to our time-strapped life. Tally’s daughter gave her this noteworthy advice: “There is no such thing as finding time, you can’t make time. You can’t go out and find time hiding under a bush or make it appear. You’ve got to plan time.” When making a shift in our lives it is important to know what we value and believe. Tally says, “This is not just about making a quick change.” She explains that the change we want to make is sustainable if we can find the value behind what we want to change. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)