Who Will Roar if I Go?

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Do you know what an endangered species is and why animals become endangered?

Who Will Roar if I Go? will introduce you to 13 animals around the world who have one thing in common: they need your help. With rhyming verse, each animal is sharing a message with you that you will remember for a long time.

The King of the Beasts - that's my claim to fame.

I've got a big crown of hair that's called a mane.

You will meet many animals in Africa: the lion, rhinoceros, and gorilla all have something to tell you.

With black-patchy eyes, I'm chubby and cute.

I'm a lazy bear who chews bamboo shoots.

Next visit snow leopard, elephant, and tiger in Asia, quetzal in South America, panda and salamander in China, red-crowned amazon and blue karner butterflies in North America, and the pangolin in Australia. Their message is simple, but very important for you, the stewards of the earth:

We need you to care and let us live free.

Or there will be no more wild animals to see.

Who Will Roar If I Go?
will introduce the basics of endangered species to young children and open up conversations of what we can all do to help.

Will you roar before they go?