The Last Centurion

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In the second decade of the twenty-first century the world is struck by two catastrophes: a new mini ice age and, nearly simultaneously, a plague that dwarfs any in recorded history. Rising out of the disaster is a character known as "Bandit Six," an American Army officer caught up in the struggle to rebuild the world and prevent the fall of his homeland - despite the best efforts of politicians both elected and military.

The Last Centurion is a memoir of one possible future, a world that is a dark reflection of our own. Written blog-style, it pulls no punches in its descriptions of junk science, bad strategy and organic farming - not to mention all three at once.

"I am your Centurion. This America shall not fall!"

"[John Ringo's novels are] peopled with three-dimensional characters and
spiced with personal drama as well as tactical finesse." - Library Journal
"John Ringo's done it again! Ghost is a complete adrenaline rush, filled
with nonstop, kick-ass action and hair-raising suspense." - Richard Marcinko on Ghost

Selected from AudioFile as an Earphones Award Winner


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