Radical Candor by Kim Scott - Book Summary Be A Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity

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Book Summary of Radical Candor by Kim Scott

About | Radical Candor: Be A Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity by Kim Scott
In Radical Candor, Kim Scott shares proven advice about how to be a caring, honest, and effective leader. Scott’s extensive experiences with numerous start-ups as well as Google and Apple have left her with a wealth of knowledge about how to build and maintain trusting relationships with and among team members as a boss. These relationships have the power to foster a collaborative culture within teams and companies and drive their success. The concept of Radical Candor is a simple one which involves caring personally about those you lead and challenging them directly to encourage personal growth. Scott provides countless strategies and examples of how to bring out the best in yourself and those you work with and lead your team to unprecedented success.

Here’s what you’ll learn about in this summary:
– How to be both deeply human and highly effective as a leader
– How to successfully challenge others and encourage them to challenge you
– How to stay centered in order to bring your best self to work every day