Meditation is to Discover an Area in Which There is No Movement of Thought Saanen 1974 - Public Talk 7

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Meditation is to discover an area in which there is no movement of thought"—28 July 1974

  • Has the world and its thought-based activity bred fear?
  • Can hidden fears and subtle forms of pleasure be exposed through analysis?
  • What is a mind to do when it sees the falseness of analysis and introspective examination?
  • Is the controller different in nature from what he says he is going to control?
  • Can the mind empty itself of time, direction and movement, which is the ending of thought?
  • What place has knowledge in meditation?
  • Can thought and meditation live together harmoniously in daily action?
  • Is the speaker teaching you higher knowledge? All the speaker is saying is: watch yourself.
  • Questions from the audience followed the talk.


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