Simplicity Comes Into Being When There is Freedom From the Desire to Achieve Ojai 1949 - Public Talk 13

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Simplicity comes into being when there is freedom from the desire to achieve

• One who is sincere can never be simple because he who is trying to be sincere always has the desire to pattern or approximate himself to an idea.

• Self-knowledge can be discovered more fully, deeply, widely, only when there is passive awareness, which is not the exertion of will.

• In the search for self-knowledge we get caught in self-consciousness. Being caught we make the thing in which one is caught the most important thing.

• To go beyond self-consciousness there must be freedom from the desire to achieve a result, because the achievement of a result is what the mind wants.

• Q: Would you please explain what you mean by dying daily?

• Q: How does a truth when repeated become a lie? What really is a lie?

• Q: I think I can help, but whatever I say or do to another is interpreted as interference and as domineering. Why does this happen to me?

• Q: What is aloneness? Is it a mystical state?


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