Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane Unlocking Resilience in Turbulent Times

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Joseph Bailey (licensed clinical psychologist for over forty years) helped pioneer a new paradigm of resilience called "Three Principles Psychology." Those who have learned this new understanding of resilience develop an inner compass that enables them to live in the "eye of the hurricane," even in the most challenging situations.

What is the Transformation Principle? This principle is a realization of the fundamental way our mind works that brings about a "transformative resilience" that radically shifts the way we understand ourselves and our chaotic world.

Burnout prevention and resilience in a changing world. As a leader in the field of addiction therapies and strategies for overcoming fear and burnout, Joseph Bailey has piloted a number of programs on transformative resilience at the Mayo Clinic, The University of Minnesota Medical School—Center for Spirituality and Healing, addiction treatment centers, and healthcare facilities. He has provided his program of practical tips and proven methods to first responders and a variety of professions.

In this ground-breaking book:

● Realize you are the author of your own reality

● Rediscover your innate mental health