Your Competitive Edge Vol 1 Improving your competitive skills

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The first volume in a series that includes three titles: The Art of Communication, The Art of Presentation and The Art of Productivity, by Jim Stovall and Ray H Hull PhD.

The Art of Productivity

  • Considering your audience and adjusting communication style
  • What your non-verbal communication says about you
  • Dressing for maximum success
  • Public speaking
  • Written words vs. spoken words
  • Communication through conduct
  • Active listening
  • Conflict resolution
  • Creating a comfortable environment for effective communication in meetings

The Art of Presentation

  • Public speaking as a performance art
  • World-changing speakers of the past
  • Contemporary, influential public speakers
  • Preparing a presentation
  • The art of using a microphone
  • Speaking tips and techniques
  • Elements of a speech
  • The art of stage presence
  • Business speaking
  • Concluding the speech to make an impact

The Art of Productivity

  • Defining success
  • Establishing a mission
  • The art of passion
  • The art of discovery
  • Motivation
  • Customizing goals
  • The art of implementation


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