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This content is included in the book/audiobook Napoleon Hill's Greatest Speeches, and made available here in this stand-alone audiobook. This article was also published many years ago in Plain Talk Magazine. This Changing World audio includes a brief bio of Napoleon Hill. The subject of the audiobook is straight forward and profound: The power of faith. Some of the key points covered include:

Faith creates an Abraham Lincoln; fear develops an Al Capone.

Faith evolves a great leader; fear creates a cringing follower.

Faith makes men honorable at trade; fear makes men dishonest and stealthy-minded.

Faith causes one to look for and to find the best there is in men; fear discovers only their shortcomings and deficiencies.

Faith unmistakably identifies itself through the look in one’s eyes, the expression on one’s face, the tone of one’s voice, and the way one walks; fear identifies itself through the same avenues.

Faith attracts only that which is helpful and constructive; fear attracts only that which is destructive.

Right works through faith; wrong works through fear.

Anything that causes one to be afraid should have close examination.