Jumpstart Collection Igniting Your Entreprenuerial Spirit

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The Jumpstart Collection is high energy and fun. It's like having your own business coach at a touch of a button. With more than 14 hours of audio, certified public speaker and business consultant, Shawn Doyle, takes you through the process of building a plan, building a network and learning how to be the most productive you can be. Shawn covers topics like:

  • The critical importance of having a mission and a vision statement
  • Creating a business plan
  • How to adjust your thinking and believe in yourself and your idea
  • Building your support network
  • Setting goals and holding yourself accountable
  • Being a continuous learner
  • Getting and staying motivated through adversity
  • The 10 mistakes most people make when networking.
  • Identifying your networking objectives.
  • How to effectively network at events.
  • How to talk with people when you network.
  • Building your work and social networks.
  • Joining groups as a networking strategy.
  • Communication and follow-up for networking
  • Tracking and measurement
  • Resources for networking.
  • Target based goal setting: Knowing how to prioritize your time
  • Don't fight the system: Selecting and using a time management system
  • Productivity vampires: Activities that suck away your time
  • Planning for maximum success: The inside secrets for successful planning
  • Night owl or early bird: Looking at when you are most productive
  • Doing the do: The power of making and using a daily "to do" list
  • Thumbs down: How to say no and decline invitations gracefully
  • Pardon the interruption: How to finally gain control of all those interruptions
  • I have a robot: Using technology to get more done now
  • The Power of R&R: How to use downtime to increase your productivity
  • Follow the law: The 10 most powerful principles of productivity


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