Success With People Your Action Plan for Prosperity and Success: An Official Publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

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Your personal success as well as your financial success are measured by your ability to get along with people. The lesson of human motivation will help you in your determination to meet your goals in life.

This book will show you the proper steps in managing people and how to make them respond to your wishes. One of the important lessons in life is discovering how to sell yourself to others and get them to help you in anything you may want to attempt.

Follow the six principles in Cavett Robert's book, and you can have more money and personal power than you ever dreamed possible.

The author, Cavett Robert, was born in Starkville, Mississippi in 1907 on the Mississippi A&M campus where his father was a teacher. He graduated from Ole Miss in 1929 and obtained his law degree from Washington and Lee University.

 After practicing law in New York, he moved to Arizona in 1937 and established himself as a successful lawyer and insurance and real estate salesman. He began his career as a platform speaker in his early sixties and in 1972 he won the coveted Golden Gavel Award from Toastmasters International. In 1973 he founded the National Speakers Association. Currently that organization awards the prestigious "Cavett Award" and statue, annually, as their highest award.


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