Off The Cuff



In this usually weekly podcast, Mike the Cop and his friend and fellow officer Dave discuss topics where law enforcement meets culture. From the serious to the sarcastic we'll discuss things in a conversational style and bring some guests into the mix. Should be a fun ride.


  • Getting to Know the Real Kyle Rittenhouse

    09/03/2023 Duration: 01h19min

    There is virtually no one on the planet that probably isn't aware of who Kyle Rittenhouse is and probably twice as many opinions about the events that unfolded in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August of 2020. T To kick off a fresh start with the Off the Cuff show we want to get to know who Kyle really is: his upbringing, what led him to go to Kenosha that night and the lessons he's learned after and the ongoing battles he's facing. Join Mike, Dave and the UPP as they jump into what is sure to be a good conversation.