A romantic young lady and a dithering marquess - can they untangle the web of misunderstandings to find happiness?A traditional Regency romance, drawing room rather than...

Connie Dunn

This Podcast is for Entrepreneurs, who are interested in publishing a book, or is in the process of publishing a book. This podcast will talk about an array of items from...

Connie Myres

Get book progress updates, title release dates, dates for free book downloads, and what author Connie Myres is up to.

Connie And Curtis

Podcast by Connie and Curtis

Connie Pheiff Show

The Connie Pheiff Show is produced and hosted by former C-Suite executive - turned lifestyle entrepreneur. Connie brings you deeply insightful interviews with prominent...

Testimony By Connie Philips

Testimonies of believers for evangelism of unbelievers and motivation for Christians.

Chats With Connie Joi

Chats with Connie Joi is a Show about Connie Joi's life experiences and thoughts on social topics. Get to know Connie by listening to her latest episode. Be sure to comment with...

Connie Pheiff Show

Hear Connie Pheiff, former executive, turned lifestyle entrepreneur, as she conducts deeply insightful interviews with prominent masterminds, thought-leaders, and business...

Connie And Curtis Podcast

Don't miss a minute of Connie and Curtis by tuning into our podcast!

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