City Trains

All aboard! Hop on a city train to see where they go, how they work, and why so many people use trains as public transportation. Train types include subways, elevated railways,...


Dig and scoop! Here comes a backhoe. Large, colorful photographs and easy-to-read text gives young learners an up-close look at their favorite construction vehicles.

Granos en MiPlato/Grains on MyPlate

Grains are hearty, wholesome, and healthy. Learn about how MyPlate helps kids make great food choices every day, including grains!

Take Your Pick of Haunted Places

Prepare to be scared as you choose between some of the scariest places on Earth. Fun facts willl keep kids scared, interested—and grossed out!

Take Your Pick of Monster Encounters

Get spooked as you compare and stare at some of the scariest monsters on the planet. Fun facts will keep kids reading, interested—and scared!

Simple Bike Maintenance Time for a Tune-Up!

Even great bikes need maintenance from time to time. From adjusting the seat to cleaning the chain, learn how to keep you bike in tip top shape.

John "Danny" Olivas

Engaging text, authentic photographs, and a timeline illustrate the life of astronaut John “Danny” Olivas.

Living or Nonliving?

Simple text and bright photographs explain the concept of living and nonliving things for beginning readers. The book concludes with a simple, kid-friendly activity.

Haunted Cemeteries Around the World

As though cemeteries aren't creepy enough—prepare to be spooked even more by some of the most haunted cemeteries in the world!

Hottest Places on the Planet

Journey to places where it can get very hot. In this book, you'll learn more about cities that are very hot and what causes this extreme weather.

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