Sammy Spider's First ABC

Sammy Spider goes through the English alphabet using the Jewish holidays and traditions celebrated by the Shapiro family. With its sweet rhymes and iconic illustrations, this book...

Frank, Who Liked to Build The Architecture of Frank Gehry

One building looks like it's been wrapped in tinfoil. Another looks like it's buried under a pile of paint chips. Frank Gehry has been called "the most important architect of our...

Raquela's Seder

Raquela yearns to celebrate a Passover seder, but Inquisition-era Spain is a time when Jews must hide their religion. Under the rising moon, her clever papa, the best fisherman in...

Ebola A Rare Killer

Outbreaks of Ebola can be scary and deadly. The virus that causes the disease spreads quickly from person to person, leading to severe illness. Find out why Ebola is so dangerous...

The Story of Syrup It Starts with a Maple Tree

From the trunk of a maple tree to the syrup on a stack of pancakes, discover how this sweet treat is made through leveled text and detailed photos.

My Family Celebrates Thanksgiving

Turkey! Mashed potatoes! Pie! These things help make Thanksgiving great, but the holiday is about much more than eating. Learn all about the origins of Thanksgiving and why it's...

The Story of an Oak Tree It Starts with an Acorn

How does a tiny acorn become a mighty oak tree? Readers discover the sequence of an oak tree's life cycle with step-by-step photos and clear text.

I Am Positive

Show children that playing on a sports team is an opportunity to practice having a good attitude—even when the team loses. Pairs with the fiction title A Beautiful Day.

Homes Like Mine

There are many different kinds of homes to suit many different kinds of families. Discover types of homes like apartments, single-family homes, mobile homes, and more, and learn...

I Am Honest

Being honest is a sign of good character, and being honest feels good. Explore scenarios where honesty comes into play in everyday life. Pairs with the fiction title Ready for Bed.

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