Garbage Trucks

Where does our garbage go after we throw it away? These huge machines pick up our garbage and transport it to landfills. Learn how garbage trucks lift garbage cans, pack down...


Seven days in a week are always the same. First Sunday, then Monday—what’s the next one to name?


Seven days in a week— They are always the same. Which day is the first one? Do you know its name?

Snowplows Blastoff! Readers: Level 1

These important machines make sure people can still use the roads in wintertime. They clear snow so that cars can drive. Discover the different parts of a snowplow and how they...

Fire Trucks

There’s smoke coming from a building and sirens blaring in the distance. A fire truck is coming to the rescue! Tour a fire truck and all the different equipment from hoses to...


Seven days in a week are always the same. What’s the day after Thursday? Do you know its name?


Seven days in a week are always the same. The first day is Sunday. What’s the next one to name?

Digital Safety Smarts Preventing Cyberbullying

Using technology to bully others is a serious problem many kids face. Learn about cyberbullying, including the effects it has, as well as how to identify and prevent it. Digital...

Smart Internet Surfing Evaluating Websites and Advertising

Websites include all kinds of interesting information. But how can you tell if a site is trustworthy? And how do you discern advertising from news? Learn to be a savvy Internet...

Investigating the Carbon Cycle

Carbon is everywhere. It is constantly moving between the air, water, rocks, and living things. But did you know that none of these things would exist without the carbon cycle? Or...

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