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  • Governor Tightens Vice on CA Churches

    Governor Tightens Vice on CA Churches


    Date:  July 27, 2020  Host:  Jim Schneider  ​Guest: Mat StaverMP3  ​​​| Order The state of California has been coming down hard on churches prohibiting all indoor worship services – including home Bible studies.  Orders have also been …

  • News Round-Up and Comment

    News Round-Up and Comment


    Date:  July 24, 2020  Host:  Jim Schneider  ​MP3 ​​​| Order Here’s a sample of the stories that Jim rolled out for this week’s edition of the ‘Round-Up’: –The U.S. government ordered China to shut down its …

  • Quick Answers to Social Issues

    Quick Answers to Social Issues


    Date:  July 23, 2020  Host:  Jim Schneider  ​Guest: Bryan OsborneMP3  ​​​| Order To the utter shock of Christians, the collapse of the Christian worldview in America and the West is happening.  Why is this occurring?  Have we …

  • U.N. Pushes Global New Deal

    U.N. Pushes Global New Deal


    Date:  July 22, 2020  Host:  Jim Schneider  ​MP3 ​​​| Order U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres gave a speech on Saturday, July 18.  It was given ‘virtually’ to South Africa’s Nelson Mandela Foundation.   Claiming that free markets …

  • Fallen: The Sons of God and the Nephilim

    Fallen: The Sons of God and the Nephilim


    Date:  July 21, 2020  Host:  Jim Schneider  ​Guest: Tim ChaffeyMP3  ​​​| Order Few sections of the Bible have been as controversial and highly debated as that of Genesis 6:1-4 and the questions that arise including: Who were …

  • The Truth About Masks and Mask Mandates

    The Truth About Masks and Mask Mandates


    Date:  July 20, 2020  Host:  Jim Schneider  ​Guest: Twila BraseMP3  ​​​| Order Cities, counties and states across the country are mandating the wearing of masks.  Some have made full implementation, others are on the brink of an …

  • News Roundup  Comment

    News Roundup & Comment


    Date:  July 17, 2020  Host:  Jim Schneider  ​MP3 ​​​| Order Here’s your weekly glimpse at some of the stories that made the cut for the ’round-up’: –The Florida State Health Department confirmed Tuesday that some state …

  • God Help Us!

    God Help Us!


    Date:  July 16, 2020  Host:  Jim Schneider  ​Guest: Gary KahMP3  ​​​| Order Today in America we’re seeing an attack upon the Constitution, capitalism, the destruction of our history, classroom indoctrination, sports teams seemingly more concerned with making …

  • Great Reset to Usher in New World Order

    Great Reset to Usher in New World Order


    Date:  July 15, 2020  Host:  Jim Schneider  ​Guest: Alex NewmanMP3  ​​​| Order Antonio Guterres, the United Nations Secretary General, indicated that the coronavirus pandemic has laid bare severe and systemic inequalities around the world.  He’s also mentioned …