Lifestyle University


The Lifestyle University is a weekly lifestyle education show that covers various topics such as wealth creation, technology, fun travel, kick ass life experiences and overall good living. The show is hosted by Joe Player and Tony Richie who share over 20 years of combined internet marketing experience. Together they interview individuals who openly share their personal successes and failures which you can immediately gain knowledge and inspiration from to help you live the good life.


  • Lifestyle University Episode 1 Meet Joe Player

    Lifestyle University Episode 1 Meet Joe Player

    28/09/2015 Duration: 51min

    Welcome to the LifeStyle University Podcast - Where you can get inspired and learn how to truly live life on your terms. In this first episode Tony Richie will kick it off and interview fellow host Joe Player. In these first episodes you'll have the chance to learn about the hosts of LU themselves... Enjoy!