Podcasts - Social Psychology 5e By Hogg And Vaughan


Podcasts of eminent social psychologists to accompany Social Psychology 5e by Hogg and Vaughan.


  • Can Values Predict Behaviour?

    Can Values Predict Behaviour?

    29/02/2008 Duration: 08min

    In this podcast Professor Greg Maio talks about his research relating to following themes: attitudes; values; the relationship between attitudes and behaviour; strengthening the link between values and behaviour; helpfulness (prosocial behaviour).

  • The Evolution of Altruism

    The Evolution of Altruism

    29/02/2008 Duration: 11min

    In this podcast Professor Mark van Vugt talks about his research relating to the following themes: evolutionary social psychology; altruism and competitive altruism; leadership; groups; status and reputation.

  • Collective Action

    Collective Action

    29/02/2008 Duration: 15min

    In this podcast Professor Stephen Reicher talks about his research into the following areas: collective action; collective experience and individual attachment; social power; crowd behaviour; culture; discrimination; groups; group norms; holocaust; leadership; liberation movements; social change; social identity; collective identity; ritualised events; research methods.

  • Multiple Social Identities

    Multiple Social Identities

    29/02/2008 Duration: 07min

    In this podcast Professor Richard Crisp talks about his research into the following themes: conflict; social categorization; social identity; culture; religion; multiple social identities; crossed categorization of social identities; stigmatised minorities; stereotypes; reducing prejudice and discrimination.