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The Patriot-Made Audio Podcast showcases goods and services made in America, and those employing Americans who embody the independent American spirit. Our mission is to shed light on the possibilities and challenges of making goods and creating more jobs in the U.S.

With Patriot-Made Audio we share ideas through our audio stories that communicate about the people, places and things which are American made. Our audio reports are available to be licensed for on-air, Internet and Intranet use. Contact: Debra Grobman at or (323) 939-8253
Patriot-Made Audiocast is a production of Flatlands Avenue Productions, LLC.


  • Can We Live On Made In USA?

    30/09/2014 Duration: 02min
  • What is Labor Day

    28/08/2014 Duration: 02min
  • More Thoughts Inspired by Labor Day

    26/08/2014 Duration: 02min
  • Looking Forward to Labor Day Weekend

    23/08/2014 Duration: 02min
  • Revisiting The Garden with Nell and Jim

    22/08/2014 Duration: 02min
  • ICE Water Challenge

    19/08/2014 Duration: 02min
  • Back To School Shopping

    11/08/2014 Duration: 02min
  • Bullet Proof Your Kids and Teachers For the New School Year

    22/07/2014 Duration: 02min
  • Fourth of July Drinks

    03/07/2014 Duration: 02min
  • Patriot-Made Audiocast Talks to Mick Yauger about Memorial Day

    24/05/2014 Duration: 01min
  • Retiring Navel Chaplain Joel Newman on Memorial Day

    24/05/2014 Duration: 01min
  • Memorial Day-Weekend Story 1 from Patriot-Made Audiocast with Kim Mitchell

    24/05/2014 Duration: 02min
  • Navy Chaplain and the San Diego Wildfires

    16/05/2014 Duration: 02min
  • A Mother's Day Story--Mom's Who Support Trailblazers

    10/05/2014 Duration: 02min
  • Patriot-Made Audiocast

    23/04/2014 Duration: 01min
  • Patriot-Made Audiocast

    23/04/2014 Duration: 06min
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