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In 1997, Paul Stoltz unleashed a revolution with his groundbreaking book Adversity Quotient: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities, introducing the concept of the Adversity Quotient into public consciousness. Now, in Adversity Quotient @ Work, Stoltz applies the principles of his brilliant theory to the uniquely challenging environment of the workplace.

AQ is a measure of one's ability to handle adversity. Those who can't become easily overwhelmed and emotional, then pull back and stop trying; those who can handle adversity become the leaders of today and tomorrow. Adversity Quotient @ Work clearly demonstrates how workers and managers can use this concept of the AQ to their own advantage, and to the benefit of their clients and customers.

Adversity Quotient @ Work teaches listeners how to hire and retain highly motivated and talented workers, develop employees to their full potential, and create a leadership culture that encourages all to put forth their best efforts and maximize their performance capabilities. Based on real research performed with thousands of managers and members of the workforce on the front lines of hundreds of businesses, it will quickly become any corporation's indispensable handbook for success.


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