Screen 6 With Edith Bowman



In our occasional Screen 6 Specials, Edith Bowman speaks to some of the most celebrated figures from the world of film about the music that inspires them. From BBC 6 Music


  • Quentin Tarantion Discusse Music & Film With Edith

    10/01/2016 Duration: 32min

    The Hateful Eight director discusses how he uses music in his work.

  • With Sam Mendes

    25/10/2015 Duration: 33min

    The Oscar winning director discusses his love of music and its use in his films.

  • With Joe Wright

    18/10/2015 Duration: 28min

    The Pan director explores his love of music and discusses its use in his films.

  • With Christopher Nolan

    11/01/2015 Duration: 35min

    Edith talks to writer and director Christopher Nolan about how he uses music in his work.

  • With Mick Jagger

    03/01/2015 Duration: 29min

    The Rolling Stones' frontman discusses his love of cinema, and how his music has been used in films by the likes of Scorsese and Kubrick.

  • With David Fincher

    03/01/2015 Duration: 29min

    The Seven, Social Network and Gone Girl director talks about the music in his films, and also his musical influences.

  • With Simon Pegg

    22/11/2014 Duration: 39min

    The writer and actor discusses the use of music in Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and Paul, and also picks a few of his personal favourites.

  • With Michel Gondry

    22/11/2014 Duration: 33min

    The brilliantly creative French director Michel Gondry discusses the music in his films and videos, with offerings from Daft Punk and Foo Fighters

  • With Seth Macfarlane

    22/11/2014 Duration: 45min

    The Family Guy creator discusses his love of orchestral music, jazz and film scores

  • With Wes Anderson

    22/11/2014 Duration: 11min

    The offbeat director reflects up on his use of music in films, including Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Grand Budapest Hotel

  • With Spike Jonze

    22/11/2014 Duration: 28min

    The hyper-imaginative film-maker discusses his use of music in film and video, with discussions about Daft Punk, Karen O and LCD Soundsystem among others.

  • With The Coen Brothers

    22/11/2014 Duration: 28min

    The Oscar winning Coen brothers discuss how they use music in their films - including The Big Lebowski and O Brother, Where Art Thou?