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Brant Hansen is from small-town Illinois, and is a self-professed nerd, diagnosed with Asperger's as an adult. He's a fan of C.S. Lewis and toast. "Producer Sherri", also a radio veteran, is from Pittsburgh, has one of the world's great laughs, and demonstrates incredible patience with Brant. Both are believers in Jesus, but have difficulty fitting in with modern American church culture. Together they have a daily radio show that is syndicated across the country, with segments ranging from the latest animal news, to interactions with listeners, to discussions about how messy life can be, and how good God is. You can find articles written by Brant at, and you can follow him on Twitter: @branthansen


  • 1724 They Go On In

    02/02/2023 Duration: 14min

    Philippians 4:13, Groundhog Day, National Opposite Day, 3-Page Play, Workplace Environment, Insulted, God Loves You, Valentine’s Day, The Show & Your I.Q., Prayer, BONUS CONTENT: Groundhog Follow-up; Quotes: “Later on they become husband and wife.” “I don’t care how hip those chairs are.” “It’s a matter of being humble and honest.” “We have an elevated discourse.”

  • 1723 Marie Kondo Gives Up

    01/02/2023 Duration: 14min

      Introvert Conversations, Made for a Blessing, Wearable Beanbag, Wisdom, Masterclass, Peace, Listener Uniforms, Incompatible, Shock Jock, Pain/Wounds; Quotes: “In every conversation you’re either adding value or taking it away.” “A place to sit in the wilderness.” “Your skin will remain youthful.” “We’re all naturally incompatible.” “I DO want to look like Grimace.”

  • 1722 I Never Wanted To Be A Pilot

    31/01/2023 Duration: 17min

    Peacemaker, Cults, Daily Faithfulness, Trust God, Hurry, Couple Furniture Assembly, Job, Shock Jock, Asking Friends, Not Watching the Game, Hope, Pickleball Announcing; Quotes: “Trust that God’s character is good.” “You can rest knowing you prayed about something.” “People don’t default to peace. You have to make it.” “Trust is our masterpiece to God.”

  • 1721 A Torpor

    30/01/2023 Duration: 14min

    Earth Core Spinning, Shutting Off Senses, Breaking Animal News, Actually People, Grow Spiritually, Habits, Contentment, Seeming Important, One Word for Jesus, Pray for Your Enemies, Commit Your Actions, I Saw the Light; Quotes: “It’s possible to age and not grow up.” “I don’t even know if I’m gonna watch your big game.” “I learned…”

  • 1720 Huey Lewis & His News

    27/01/2023 Duration: 13min

    Avoiding God, The Dental Hygienist, Social Tip, Gentleness, Camaraderie, Shock Jock, Friends, Regret Music, BONUS CONTENT: Regret Music Follow-up, Miss Bev Update; Quotes: “I want to share life together without God.” “I’m trying to make you happy…” “A heart of compassion and humility ultimately helps you keep friends.”

  • 1719 That Must Be A Brant Hansen Show Listener...

    24/01/2023 Duration: 14min

    Looking Intense, Breaking Animal News, Tic Tok Wisdom, Understanding the Bible, Masterclass, Love Your Enemies, Listener Uniform, Awkward Jog of Gratitude, Do Unto Others, Don’t Join Misery, Social Norms, Peak of Productivity; Quotes: “Just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s invalid.” “In marketing, you just make claims.” “Why not a Mr. Peanut outfit?” “I don’t have to do what you’re doing.”

  • 1718 I Don’t Want Ashley To Beat You. Not On My Watch

    23/01/2023 Duration: 14min

    Job Hop, Prayer, Habits, A.I. & The Future, Fundraisers, Live at Peace, Twitter, Friendship/Dirty House, History Segment, BONUS CONTENT: Job Hop Follow-up; Quotes: “Everybody wants to hop.” “They’re preying on aunts and uncles all across the country.” “We’re supposed to be odd but at peace.” “Your habits determine so much of your life.”

  • 1717 The Whipple Scrumpets

    20/01/2023 Duration: 17min

    The Chosen, Where Are You Going?, Isaiah 41:10, Shock Jock, Masterclass, BONUS CONTENT: The Chosen Follow-up; Quotes: “Every culture in history existed on stories.” “You should always have discernment.” “What is your reigning narrative?” ‘We can do whatever we want.” “This Doesn’t Put Norway In A Good Light.”

  • 1716 Dress Like A Cabbage

    19/01/2023 Duration: 14min

    MLK Jr. Well Timed, Yakutsk, Isaiah 41:10, Shock Jock, Help Me Change, Peace for Enemies, BONUS CONTENT: Fatherlessness, Grace College, Sunday School, Possible Assassination; Quotes: “I crossed the street and asked myself some hard questions.” “It’s fair to ask God to help you to pray.” “I totally talked myself out of this.”

  • 1715 Lest He Come Beat Them With A Rod

    18/01/2023 Duration: 15min

    Acts of Kindness, Things to be Thankful For, History Segment, Dishwasher, Without Love, TV Anniversary, BONUS CONTENT: Animals and Souls, Babylon Bee; Quotes: “The future is not your department.” “Jesus gives a better way to live.” “We’re just getting drops of what being with God is like.” “Nobody controls your character.”

  • 1714 If You Were A Legit Nigerian Prince Right Now

    17/01/2023 Duration: 14min

    Things to be Thankful For, The Tidy Bowl Man, Breaking Animal News, Double Thumbs Up, Trustworthy Jobs, Anger/Furniture Assembly, Sierra Mist, BONUS CONTENT: Sunday School Follow-Up; Quotes: “Your future is secure if you trust God with your life.” “They didn’t know The Fonz.” “He’s In Germany. I Saw It With My Own Eyes.” “I don’t have to know what everybody’s thinking.” “You grow to hate the smiling stick people.”

  • 1713 Keep Going to Sizzler

    16/01/2023 Duration: 14min

    Christmas Decor, Meet & Greet, Stress, Too Good Looking, Stress, National Days, Follow Jesus Now, Expensive Restaurant, Damar Hamlin, Cool Words, Your Image of Christ, Date Dealbreaker; Quotes: “You can talk to God NOW.” “Why am I not climbing the ladder?” “God can be trusted with things we can’t be trusted with.”

  • 1712 Hanging Out In Canaan Making Combs

    13/01/2023 Duration: 17min

    Forgiveness, Damar Hamlin, Worry, Welcome to the Show, 20-Year Old Movies, Masterclass, Memorizing Scriptures, Breaking Animal News, Thankful, Shock Jock, BONUS CONTENT: Brant Hansen Awards Follow-up, NY Resolutions, Sunday School Invitation; Quotes: “We want to be a source of peace and joy for you.” “We do have a goal.” “That furor is not healthy for your endocrine system.” “I like points.”

  • 1711 The Cord Hoard

    12/01/2023 Duration: 20min

    Shock Jock, Cozy, Welcome to the Show, Goodness of God, Who God Picks, Masterclass, NoN Christians Celebrity, Worry, Celebrity Look Alike, BONUS CONTENT: The Chosen; Quotes: “We’re continuing to learn.” “You don’t have to wait to follow Christ. You can start now.” “Everyone’s a novice.” “God will pick the weirdest people to send in front of crowds.”

  • 1710 Back off, Gary

    11/01/2023 Duration: 16min

    God Is Not Crazy, Shock Jock, Non-Anxious People, Flipped Car, What’s the Good Life, Backyard Chicken People, Spiritual Person, Marathons, Being Weird, River Dance, Judgmental, Prayer, Grace, Masterclass, BONUS CONTENT: Rebuking the Church; Quotes: “God’s commands are helpful and intended to make us thrive.” “Just because I’m a shock jock doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.” “Our culture has everything but peace.” “Living a life of intentional partnership with God.”

  • 1709 Mouth Full Of Dirt

    10/01/2023 Duration: 14min

    Life to the Full, Driving Too Slow, GMA3, 1923, Forgiveness, Psalm 23, Weight Loss, Predicting the Future, BONUS CONTENT: Looking with Compassion; Quotes: “Peace is in short supply.” “Forgiveness benefits everybody.” “We are, to a person, incredibly good looking.” “It’s not always gonna be like this.”

  • 1708 The Thing Scheduled At Slabby’s.

    09/01/2023 Duration: 22min

    Damar Hamlin Story, The Consultant, Walmart Drones, Time Out, Shock Jock, Human Brokenness, Breaking Animal News, BONUS CONTENT: GMA3 Recap; Quotes: “Jesus is giving us a way to live that is better.” “Jesus’ mission was to be a prince of peace.” “I’m rooting for everybody.” “We have faith in a boost in ratings.”

  • 1707 Here Comes John Denver Out Of Nowhere

    06/01/2023 Duration: 13min

    Coffee Shop Writing, Who Jesus Invite, Masterclass, Too Many Windows, LotR, Good Morning America, Daily Faithfulness, Basket of Kittens, Giant Bow Maker, Welcome to the Show, BONUS CONTENT: When Brant Blows Up, Coffee Shop Writing Follow-up; Quotes: “Jesus inverts who is honored.” “I still have 38 documents open.” “It’s awkward but cool.” “I’m surprised by my own content.”

  • 1706 January 20th

    05/01/2023 Duration: 21min

    Attention. Year-End Stories, GMA3, Peace, Masterclass, Why Hope, Just Today, Gym Friends, BONUS CONTENT: Dilemma Street...No Christmas with Family; Quotes: “Your head is kinda just standing out there.” “You have to steel yourself emotionally right now.” “Your peace comes from thinking about things that are good, true, and beautiful.” “We’re at an impasse.”

  • 1705 One Giant Loop

    04/01/2023 Duration: 15min

    Protect Your Peace, Shock Jock Good Morning America, Attention, Checks, BONUS CONTENT: Shock Jock Fail, God and Free Choice; Quotes: “I don’t want my blood boiling.” “That’s a lot of time to be spending with Garfield.” “Our attention is our currency.” “Everyone will be in heaven that can reasonably stand it.”

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