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The Weird Entrepreneurs Podcast is the Shaolin Temple of kick-ass 30 minute interviews with today's top entrepreneurs. The purpose of this show is to help you experience the transformation you are seeking in your life and in your business to get the results you truly desire. Check out for a complete recap of each and every show along with helpful tools and resources to grow your business as well as grow spiritually and mentally. Learn how to monetize your own unique and divine weirdness on this Podcast with your host Justin & D Verrengia. Once you meet Justin and D you'll agree there is no one like them on the planet. Justin Verrengia is better known as the "Hippie Jedi" and D is the "Bliss Jedi". Together they are million dollar earners who continue to innovate not only the way things are done but how our society lives. Their biggest passion in life is inspiring others to live their dreams.


  • 152: Jamie Jay: Stop Riding The Pine

    01/01/2016 Duration: 29min
  • 151: Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart: Peak Prosperity

    30/12/2015 Duration: 33min
  • 150: Jeremy Office: Always do the right thing

    28/12/2015 Duration: 27min
  • 149: Brent Underwood: Creative Thinkers, Innovators and Travelers

    25/12/2015 Duration: 30min
  • 148: Michael Yantovsky: The American Dream

    23/12/2015 Duration: 31min
  • 147: Polina Klyukach: I Am that Free Spirit

    21/12/2015 Duration: 29min
  • 146: Tracy Matthews: Thrive by Design

    18/12/2015 Duration: 28min
  • 144: Lloyd Knapman: 20 year old CPA Marketing Genius

    14/12/2015 Duration: 22min
  • 143: JJ Flizanes: Fit 2 Love

    11/12/2015 Duration: 32min
  • 142: Rick Martinez: The 10x Entrepreneur

    09/12/2015 Duration: 26min
  • 141: Kim Klaver: If my product's so great, how come I can't sell it?

    07/12/2015 Duration: 40min
  • 140: Yoon Cannon: Paramount Business Coach

    04/12/2015 Duration: 23min
  • 139: Rafi Chowdhury: Traffic, Chess, and Psychology

    02/12/2015 Duration: 27min
  • 138: John Pate: The Secrets Revealed of True Wealth

    30/11/2015 Duration: 31min
  • 137: Aaron Walker: View From The Top

    27/11/2015 Duration: 28min
  • 136: Tatiana Torres: One of the youngest 6-figure earners from Peru

    25/11/2015 Duration: 27min
  • 135: Leon Jay: The 1.4 Million Dollar Launch in 10 days

    23/11/2015 Duration: 29min
  • 134: Greg Rollett: Ambitious Media Group

    20/11/2015 Duration: 35min
  • 133: Daniel Maw: HACKSAW - Award Winning Design

    18/11/2015 Duration: 25min
  • 132: Joan Sotkin: A Holistic Approach to Business

    16/11/2015 Duration: 32min
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