Muscle Foods: 5 Foods That Build Mega Muscle

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LIGHTNING PROMOTION >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Some experts suggest that muscle-building comes down to 20-percent exercise and 80-percent nutrition.That means, working out more than you should will not build more muscle. In fact, you only need to work out each muscle group about 3 to 4 times per week, to see sizable gains. (Any less or any more could diminish your gains.)The rest of the time, i.e. when you're not in the gym or garage torturing your body, your muscles need to be resting and recuperating.And, how well your muscles rest and recuperate comes down to the quality and quantity of your rest/sleep...and your nutrition, i.e. the quality of the fuel and building blocks you're using to feed your muscles.In other words, your muscles don't grow while you're working out in the gym. They get big and strong when you're done working out...and in between your workouts, i.e. during your rest period.However, you do still need to work out. Because, your muscles need to undergo some stress and strain in order to want to grow and get strong, so they can be ready to handle your next workout.