Gay Runner

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My name’s Deckhard, and I am a Gay Runner. It’s 2033 and the U.N. controls all under the Sun. I quit being a fool cop, but the Boss Bryan orders me not to stop.
He puts out my pic on the Google Glasses and software. I’m like Visa or the NWO everywhere. I tried to run down to Mero (Mexico) but it is now part of NAFTA so no obla Espanol.
My job is to make adult males turn Gay. If they don’t, it’s a fine and second offense it is 25 to Life. The NWO orders no reproduction, and sends cops like me to apprehend Republicans. We are now in the throes of the NWO or New World Organization. All religions, political parties, and legal laws are gone. The World or what is left of it wears an RFID (Radio Frequency In fared Device).
The web is now micro chipped controlled. If you enter terms like sex in Google, it becomes a crime under thought control. Your hand chip is regulated by DHS (Department of Homo Security). If you think a woman looks good, you better be one. The new internet or Google berg is like the first version.
My first case involves a 40 year old male named Mark. He has a wife and three kids who is keep in the dark. Yet now the Political Commissars want him to strap on a G-string and a wig to be a Gay flavor. His obese diabetic condition is no longer a waiver. So in the middle of the night, I came to take him away like one of those scenes from Ben-Hur.