Chatting With Sherri

Chatting With Sherri welcomes artist and Illustrator; Colin Zhang!



Colin (Xiaomeng) Zhang has always had a keen interest in art. However, science fiction movies captured his imagination, and he started to imitate scenes and characters he saw in those films.  He attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco to conduct his own comprehensive art research. It was a valuable opportunity to meet creatively talented artists with similar interests. After graduating from university, he worked in animation, video game development, and as a graphic designer.  His love for digital painting is reflected in his creativity. He uses his spare time to paint and study different styles of artistic creation. In the subsequent work, his ideas often brought unexpectedly desirable results for his company.  His work has been presented in several art magazines. Colin continues to innovate his artistic creations and provide his freelance clients with high-quality illustration services.  Colins is the winner for  "The Phantom Carnival" of Illustrators of the Future from L. Ron Hubbard Presents