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Chatting With Sherri welcomes back writer; Elaine Midcoh!



Chatting With Sherri welcomes back writer; Elaine Midcoh! Elaine Midcoh lives in Pembroke Pines, Florida. At age 8, she wrote to NASA asking to be an astronaut, but was rejected. Undeterred, she penned her first book which featured a young girl as NASA’s first child astronaut. Yes, the kid’s name was Elaine. To seal the deal she bought herself a Jr. Astronaut medal which she still wears on special occasions. Later, when adulthood loomed, she diverted to law school, became an attorney and spent many happy years teaching college students about Criminal Justice and the Bill of Rights, while still writing an occasional tale. These days Elaine spends time at her kitchen table thinking up short stories and poetry. In 2019, she was spotted dancing in front of her living room window after learning one of her stories earned an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest. And we won’t discuss what celebratory acts the neighbors saw when Elaine received word that “The Battle of Donasi,” was selected as a Pu