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How To Read The Bible Well - Interview With Dr Stephen Burnhope



The truth is this: Christians need no permission in order to read God’s Word. God delights in speaking to his followers, as they read his Word. But there is another truth. We can also be very bad at reading the Bible. So how on earth are you and I ever going to be able to read the Bible well? A new book by Dr Stephen Burnhope speaks to and responds to this most enormous of challenges. How to let the Bible speak by itself and directly, but how we might also better navigate it with an understanding that we cannot obtain on our own. I this episode I interview Steve about this most amazing book How to Read the Bible Well: http://mybook.to/readbiblewell The Big Story of the Bible - talk by Steve Burnhope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJzXSIECr-0 Steve Burnhope’s Blog: https://www.talkingofgod.com/conversation