Beaver Fleming

Be Bold. Be True. Be Honest. Be You.



Bold, True, Honest, You. All require courage the last requires harnessing and surrendering... Bold - possessing a sense of courage to stand out in who you are and step in to who you can be. Not limited by circumstance but rather using the surroundings to become more aware and mindful of how to operate most efficiently. True - As with boldness the truth requires courage and pays a price knowing that the truth might hurt you but a lie will kill you. True means real, true means authentic, true means clear. Honest - Along with truth honesty has to come from within first cause if you aren’t honest with yourself clarity will be far from your headspace. Honesty discerns and dissects with a patient aspect to it with the intent not to rush while still being persistent as it’s always a battle advancing as the lies fall to the side. You - this one is undefined as there’s not another person on this planet capable of doing what you can. Embrace this, rejoice in this, however don’t elevate this above its proper place othe