Beaver Fleming

Steve Caballero - Dream For Something Big, Go For Something Epic Podcast with Beaver Fleming.



It was an honor to sit and have a chat with Legendary Skateboarder Steve Caballero. As a kid I grew up playing as Steve in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (His Video Part song was my favorite!!!!) and always loved his versatile skating of Vert, Bowl, Street, pretty much everything you can skate he would skate. - - He is still pushing strong in his 50’s and continue yes to inspire many by still skating, still being active in the sport, evolving and encouraging the next generation.- - I loved his insight on gratitude and being thankful for the opportunities life brings and then the diligence to make the most of them and continuing to adapt and move forward in whatever circumstance. Listen for yourself and be encouraged to dream for something Big and Go For something Epic.