Game On with Vanessa Rende

3 Mind-Body-Soul Ways to Trust the Process and Surrender to The How



There are literally a million or more variations of the phrase "trust the process" and "surrender." You find it in the bible and in many other spiritual and religious sects.But what does it really mean when you're at that rock-bottom stage of needing, wanting, obsessing over something and why you don't have it yet? How does one all of a sudden stop the overwhelming state of lacking that thing?What does it mean to really trust the process and surrender to the how? And why is it SO important to actually getting that thing we want instead of repelling it?In this audio blog, I share my 3 go-to ways for:1) Monitoring and focusing the energy around the thing you desire.2) Drastically disrupting patterns that prevent you from having it.3) Ensure congruency across all the parts of SELF consistently.Thank you for listening, and please remember to subscribe and share!iTunes: Play: learn more